Friday, 9 January 2015

TERRORISM: Let’s understand who friends, enemies really are

Matthew Philichi, Gig Harbor on Jan. 8, 2015

Last summer the air raid sirens in Israel repeatedly rang out. More than 300 rockets were launched from Gaza into towns like Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Jerusalem and Haifa. More than 20 Israeli citizens were killed. Thousands of families were in constant scramble to bomb shelters. The Israeli citizens lived in terror.

The Israeli military began to systematically search for and destroy the rocket-launching equipment in the terrorist-controlled Gaza Strip. They also discovered 31 tunnels designed to send terrorists and equipment into Israel to kill more citizens.

As the Israelis began taking steps to defend themselves by destroying the launchers and tunnels, anti-Semitic protests broke out all over France. The marchers said that the Israelis were ruthless.

On Jan. 6 two Islamic terrorists walked into the Charlie Hebdo office and systematically shot 12 innocent people and escaped. The French police were rightly seen rushing in to the Parisian suburb of Maghreb and kicking down doors to find the guilty terrorist.

This time thousands of French citizens stood up and held signs that said “I am Charlie.” There is no need to discuss the contradiction here.

Perhaps it is now time for Western civilization to understand who our friends and enemies really are. We have tried the leftist method of understanding and apology tours. Like most of their other policies, they haven’t worked. Everything is worse.

It is time to realize that the civilized world really is at war. Our enemy has made that decision.

Je suis Israeli.

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